Jaspan Schlesinger achieves legal victory in multi-pronged litigation to enforce a $2mm promissory note.

On August 21, 2019, the Nassau Supreme Court granted Jaspan Schlesinger’s motion for summary judgment in an action to recover more than $2mm (in principal and interest) occasioned by a breach of a promissory note that was executed in favor of the client. Before moving to recover the full balance due and owing under the note in Nassau County, Jaspan Schlesinger had to successfully dismiss a preemptive action that was filed by the note obligor New York County Supreme Court, titled Kaye v. Levine Prospect LLC, et al. (N.Y Cty Index No. 653003/2018) wherein the obligor alleged that the note instrument was executed under economic duress. After procuring a dismissal of the New York County action, the stage was set for Jaspan Schlesinger to enforce the note in the Nassau County Action (i.e. Levine Prospect LLC v. Kaye (Nassau Cty Index No. 607953/2018). Ultimately, after engaging in months of extensive motion practice, in two separate venues, which culminated in oral arguments before two Justices of the Commercial Division, Jaspan Schlesinger was able to achieve a positive result for the client and an award of summary judgment in its favor.